Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Turning Trix with Urban Daddy

Now here is something interesting to sink your teeth into -- literally. I received this in my inbox yesterday from Urban Daddy and I have to say I am intrigued by the idea.

Turning Trix
Duck and Trix at the Waverly

You've come to expect certain pairings at the Waverly Inn.

Truffles commingling with mac and cheese; Graydon Carter and Jessica Alba carousing in the corner booth; Jessica Alba covered in mac and cheese...

But we're about to take the pairings game to the next level—yes, it may just involve you getting soused on champagne and breakfast cereal.

Introducing chef John DeLucie's brand-new off-the-menu Duck and Trix appetizer at the Waverly, which we're pleased to say is available starting tonight (for dinner, not breakfast) if you ask your server nicely...

The point is that the world of power dining is changing. When the chef who keeps the city's power brokers well fueled starts offering up under-the-radar appetizers utilizing kid food, you know it's time to start eating cereal for dinner.

The dish starts with a pristine D'Artagnan Peking duck breast seared in a sweet port wine reduction and sliced on the plate. Fine so far. Things start to get a little psychedelic when the breakfast cereal gets involved—accompanying the duck to provide a little sweet contrast and crisp texture is a bowl stacked with caramelized clumps of Trix cereal brittle.

Which leaves with you with a sweet, crisp, melt-in-your-mouth morsel to go with the savory, tender duck. Just a little bite to go with a perfect side of Page Six.

Somewhere out there, Toucan Sam feels snubbed.

You can also read the article by going to this link.

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