Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Fashion designer Aloye totally blows my mind.  Her line, called Eyola (Aloye backwards!!) is comprised of designs that are full of old world romance and decadence along with a true modern spirit.

According to her website:
Eyola takes inspiration from the opulent style of the Victorian era with a contemporary twist.  Each collection takes the form of Octettes which comprise of eight individually crafted and distinct designs each with their own personality. The number eight is relevant primarily as the figure ‘8’ reflects the hourglass shape created by the Victorian corset.

The bold colour palette is found throughout the Octettes- this was after all the era when famous chemist William Perkins discovered brightly coloured dyes. Most of the garments are available in a chosen bold colour or in a shadow version of a more classic shade. Each design is limited to a run of eight in a particular fabric or colour.

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