Wednesday, November 18, 2009

latest iTunes download - music go music

Lately I have had the fortune to be introduced to some fabulous new music and bands.  Music Go Music, hailing from Los Angeles, is but another example.  Their sound is, well I am not sure if I would call it reminiscient or a tribute to the stylings of ABBA, but it is fun and full of life.  And I am unashamed of saying that I enjoy a good ABBA song.

They are currently touring with Franz Ferdinand, another favorite group.  This is a definite download for me.

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According to the band website:
"Something must be said here about the music itself. Music Go Music make pop music but, fortunately, the term means very little these days. What kind of pop music is it? Rock and Roll, Disco, Metal, Boogie, Trans-Hand, Psychedelic? How does it work? Perhaps this will mean something:

As we move through life, there is a "curtain of fantasy" with which we cover a murky reality, a curtain on which we project a clear and comforting image of ourselves and the world. The slightest shifting of it fills us with dread. But imagine that the curtain is raised to reveal a more profoundly resonant version of what was on it in the first place a "Technicolor" reality. So enchanted are we by this scene that we fail to notice the second, dark curtain in the background.

Music Go Music's immediate plans are to continue to make music that's visual and funks. Hopefully we will meet you where you live."

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