Sunday, November 1, 2009

from paris...

One of my favorite bloggers, Garance Doré posted some amazing video last week, that unfortunately I cannot embed here, from the Guy Bourdin film exhibition at Bon Marché.

I really wish I could have been in Paris to see this in person.  Here is how Garance described it:

Sublime. A true study in weightlessness. No use trying to describe it for words could do no justice. I loved the circular mise en scène, loved the Ariel Wizman soundtrack, loved getting a glimpse backstage - so happy, so fresh, loved seeing Guy Bourdin shooting in a shopping cart.

But above all, I loved the saturation of colors, smiles, the memory of these years of freedom, where provocation was a game, where sensuality overflowed with humor and no one was afraid to shock.

Watch it HERE.   And I am definitely going to have to learn more about Guy Bourdin.

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